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Make Donation by Bank Transfer

Name of beneficiary's bank: Raiffeisen BANK
Pay to (name of recipient): SVETLIN BORISOV DIMOV
IBAN of the recipient (this is our bank account): BG79RZBB91554179329107
BIC of the beneficiary's bank (BIC of our account): RZBBBGSF
Currency : USD
Amount of transfer: 100 <<=== Number you want to donate
Reason for payment: Donation for SCFullWCMS project - "Your Name and Surname"
(Example: Donation for SCFullWCMS project - Svetlin Dimov)
More clarification: Your e-mail registered in SCFullWCMS site
(Example: svetlin_dimov@gmail.com)

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BitCoin Address : 1PrpCUDEXk11BELN48Zg9J5AajJLGWNGox
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If you would like your donation to be calculated in Reward Points (1 USD = 1 RP) and add them in your account, please email us at donations@scfullwcms.com with the following details:
Your name: ..............
Your registrated email in SCFullWCMS: ..............
Transaction ID: ..............
Transferred amount: ..............
Date of transfer: ..............
Payment method (Bank / PayPal / Bitkoin): ..............

Immediately after confirming the transaction of money (i get them), you will get the Reward Points in your account.