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SCFullWCMS New version v0-0-5 and is FREE

SCFullWCMS already with many innovations and Now is FREE. In this new version i added many additions :

1) Global change of the entire code related to create everything new.

An entirely different way of creating Unique IDs in the database. Totally changed and deleted all AUTO_INCREMENT structures with a new version of Auto-generated Unique 64-Digit IDs : using uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers from 0 to 9

  • Example: Awxgk94fomY1t5utrIuBcpsx0iPrA4NBqBhQBbvqEKhxFRhwZRy26gpxF4eGzsIg

2) Add a new function to the Menu : 

  •  Restriction Access with an option for Rights : Allow View (Guest and Reg Users) or Denied View to user groups and users
  • Improve the code for Main Menu , Options are added to insert pictures or fa icons in front of the menus on under-menu(level 2) and under-menu(level 3)
  • Option ON/OFF are added for under-menu(level 3) - to be visualized in order to simplify the code and the very vision of the menu (level 1)

3) Improve the code and visualization of modules :

  • Information Ajax Search
  • Magazine Ajax Search
  • Catalog Ajax Search

4) One filter is added to the list of products in the store: filter Category in Admin section

5) Button is added for quickly change the status of the product in the list of Magazine products in Admin section

6) Innovation: SC RSS Feeds for RSS news with administrative settings in Admin section

7) Improve the Comment Code in: Information Gallery Pages and Magazine Products in the Website

  • Added avatar features to comments
  • Rights for Writing Comments on each Information Gallery page / Product in Magazine - (User/Guest)
  • The comment code is replaced in the products in Magazine , with the new code using the new features
  • JAVA code is improved for commenting

8) Prepare is added for a detailed Forum system like phpbb in Website Admin section

9) Change all password type from MD5 to password_hash + PASSWORD_BCRYPT encryption

10) Improved visibility and functionality of the Client Panel after logging in to the system in Website Front

11) New module Google Adsense is added, to embed Google or other ads in the 30 modular sections of the platform

12) Added new customer management feature : permanent commercial free (pcommerfr) + commercial free to date (commerfrdt).

  • When turned on "permanent commercial free" - The logged-in customer will not see any ads on the site
  • At a set date "commercial free to date" And the date is NOT expired - The logged-in customer will not see any ads on the site. Once the date expires, ads are displayed.
  • New option is added (VIP Account) for automatically enable of "commercial free to date" with periods of + 1/6/12 months (with different buttons) at the date in the data base. If enough Reword Points is available, the client can activate himself the VIP Account through his account for the desired period.
  • VIP Badge is added, Which is visualized on the left of Avatar of each Review (comment) - If the user is with VIP Account.


Planned innovations for the version 0.0.6 : full Forum System like phpbb and Help Desk System.

For new suggestions, please write to me at : info@scfullwcms.com

* If someone has a built - in code based on SCFullWCMS v.0.0.5 , Can send it to me on zip file for review, if I approve it I will put it in the new version.