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SCFullWCMS New version v0-0-5 and is FREE

SCFullWCMS already with many innovations and Now is FREE. In this new version i added many additions.

How To

Refine Search

Information Gallery Categorys

How to create new Information Gallery Categories

Information Gallery Pages

How to create and modify Information Gallery Pages

Information page

How to create new Simple Information pages

 I recommend that you do not use it at all - Perhaps it will be completely removed in the next upgrades

Contact Page

How to create and modify From Contact Page

Example : List of (Stores, Magazine) , Google Maps , Top HTML Content and Bottom HTML Content of the contact page

Contact Group

How to create Contact Groups

Example : Store , Magazine , Office



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How to create and modify Contacts

Example : Email , address , GSM and egg ...

Home Page

Home Page

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The Home Page admin section Is a page that determines the type of the HOME button and in which menu it is visualized.

Menu Modules

How to create Menu Modules and how to connect them to Layouts

Menu Groups

How to operate with Menu Groups



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How to operate with Menu buttons

First Configuration of SCFullWCMS

How to configure SCFullWCMS platform

Installation of the SCFullWCMS

Detailed installation of the SCFullWCMS platform

Requirements for Installation

SCFullWCMS requires certain technical requirements to be met for the site to install and operate properly

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